First of its kind, NewX NFT with 10% NewX Rewards, for 10 years.

NewX Rewards Earn Passive Income if you HODL your NFT investment. The initial purchaser will earn 6% per annum and this system will reward loyal investors & clients alike who hold their NFT for a period of 6 months with 8% p.a return growing to 10% p.a at the end of 12 months ownership.

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First Energy company to position itself to offer energy at a lower cost to key players in the metaverse.

NewX.Energy and Bintan Power Plant are the energy leaders providing electricity across SE Asia…

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NewX.Energy is minting NFT's in varying denominations for Investors.

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Sale rules & NFT fungibility

Each successive sale of NFT's is set to be increased by at least 1% more than the last sale. Market price sales data will be available on NewXNFT.Energy website.

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About Us

NewX.Energy is the managing sister company of Bintan Power Plant where the former acts as the software and the latter operates as the hardware.

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